Welcome to Rooftop Ministries!

This web site is the result of nine years of personal experience in a Concordant Masonic order, twenty-three years of studying Masonry, Co-Masonry and cults, and much prayer. The first day we created this web site for ROOFTOP Ministries, we started praying for you (yes, you!). Although we didn't even know your name, we prayed for the opportunity for you to read this site and that it would minister to you.

Even though our specialty is in Masonic and Co-Masonic orders, we are familiar with numerous other groups and cults, as well as cult prevention, intervention, exiting and recovery. Our library contains around 500 books on a wide variety of cults, and we are acquainted with the way cults recruit, keep, control and abuse their members. Although this web site is geared toward ministering to those in Co-Masonry, some of the information we share is pertinent to other groups.

You may be encouraged by reading firsthand testimonies of persons who have left Co-Masonry or left Masonry. While you’re here, check out our “Resources” section and our newly expanded links page which contains sites related to Freemasonry, Co-Masonry, apologetics, cults, and new religious movements.

More than likely, you are visiting us for one of three reasons:

  • You are/were a member of a Masonic or Co-Masonic group
  • You have a friend or loved one who is/was a member of one of these groups
  • You are not a member, but are curious about these groups.